Protect Your Home From Water Damage - Tips To Prevent Frozen Water Pipes
By Firefighter Mark Robertson Sr.
January 7, 2019

Each year Willingboro Firefighters see an increase in the number of incidents involving broken water pipes during the cold weather months. Most of these incidents take place from mid-January through mid-March, when temperatures are consistently at their coldest. When the water in the pipes freezes, it can cause the pipe to expand or crack, which can cause a hole to form in the pipe. Once the temperatures rise and the water becomes liquid again, the water will free flow from the hole in the pipe.

In the case of a broken water pipe, the first thing you should do is shut off the main water valve to your home. This will stop the uncontrolled flow of water and therefore limit water damage. In MOST Willingboro homes the shut off for the main water valve is located under the kitchen sink. If yours is not located under the kitchen sink you should make sure you locate the valve BEFORE you have a broken water pipe. In the event of a broken water pipe, if you cannot find the shut off for the main water valve, you can always call the Willingboro Fire Department or Willingboro Municipal Utilities Authority for assistance.

Located below are two links to the Red Cross and State Farm websites with tips on preventing and thawing frozen water pipes. The Willingboro Fire Department hopes the links can be of assistance to all of our homeowners and help prevent broken water pipes in your home.

Hyperlinks: Red Cross
State Farm