Washington Family Gives Back To Willingboro FIRE & EMS
By Firefighter Michael Centrone
August 23, 2020


On July 22, 2020 Willingboro FIRE & EMS received the donations from Angela Washington (Mother) and Imani Washington (Daughter) both of Bethesda, Maryland.

Here is their story:

This project was in the works since May 2020. In 2017, Imani’s grandmother a long time resident of Willingboro was diagnosed with throat cancer. During that time the grandmother chose to live the rest of her days at home with family caring for her. She was in and out of the hospital which made her call 911 often. Willingboro FIRE & EMS units were at her residence often to assist. The family said each time they needed the EMS and FIRE department they helped any way possible and were always happy to help. She then passed away.

In 2018-2019 Imani’s grandfather was diagnosed with cancer and was only given a few weeks to live. Shortly thereafter, he passed away as well.

After all the services were completed the family wanted to do something to give back to Willingboro FIRE & EMS. Angela and Imani moved to Maryland but still felt giving back to her home town of Willingboro was the right thing to do. Then COVID-19 started and the family watched and learned about all the front-line essential workers. The family decided to contact someone who made masks. Angela found someone willing to make 50 masks for FIRE & EMS. Angela received the masks then made a donation of 300 dollars out of her own pocket to the person that made the masks. Once the masks came in, Imani and Angela worked to put care packages together for personnel of Willingboro FIRE & EMS. They asked people for supplies that would be hard to come by while working long shifts to put these care packages together.

Each Care Package included the following items:

4-Pairs of Socks, 2- Homemade Masks, Razors, Shave Gel, Shower Gel, Luffa,
2- Dove Intensive Cream, Chap Stick, Nail Clippers, & Personalized Thank You Card

Angela ensured that each package would have a personalized thank you card in it. Once the bags are handed out to the FIRE & EMS personnel Angela asked that any other elderly person in Willingboro Township receive a Care Package. Angela’s only request for doing this is that other people will see the hard work that her and her daughter have done and feel the need to donate and give back.

Members of the Willingboro FIRE & EMS, Thank the Washington Family!