Firefighter Thomas Boyle retires after 37 Years of Service to Willingboro Fire Department
By Firefighter Michael Centrone
May 6, 2021

On Thursday May 6, 2021 Willingboro Fire Department honored Volunteer Firefighter Thomas Boyle for 37 years of service with a small Ceremony. Here is Tom's Biography:

Thomas Boyle was born and raised in Willingboro and enjoyed everything the town had to offer. As he grew, he became more intrigued with the fire engines as they moved around town assisting whoever called for help. When the fire whistle sounded, you could find Tom on his bike making his way to Levitt Parkway to see what way the engine would go, often getting lost trying to find where it went. On special occasions, he would hop into a family friends' car to make their way to the scene- the joy of having a friend with a scanner.

Tom joined the Willingboro Volunteer Fire Department in 1983 and had the pleasure of running out of each of the three fire stations during his 37 year career.

Tom enjoyed the traditional fire training and collected numerous certifications as time passed. However, he really enjoyed the non- traditional training that the hazardous material and underwater rescue world had to offer. Tom attended as many off the wall hazardous materials training sessions as time would allow. Through this training, he became a Certified HazMat Technician with emphasis in Agriculture Incident Management and Nuclear/Radiological Incident Management. Tom also attended training in biological and infectious materials training at some of the most interesting and isolated biodefense facilities throughout the United States.

Tom spent many hours on and under the water as a member of the Willingboro Dive Team. He sought out advanced training and became a Certified Rescue Diver and a Dive Master. He continued his training with the National Academy of Police Diving and spent an absurd amount of time in the classroom and eighty hours underwater to become a Certified Police Diver. (which was quickly changed to Public Safety Diver when they realized Tom was not a sworn Police Officer).

During his career, Tom received the following awards:
-Life Saving Award
-Board of Fire Commissioners Recognition Award

Tom served the Willingboro Volunteer Fire Company in the following capacities:
-Vice President

Tom recently stepped down as Secretary after serving sixteen years. He also served as a member of the Board of Fire Commissioners and was elected Chairman three years.

Tom is a member of the Willingboro Township Fireman's Relief Association where he continues to serve as the Secretary. He is a Life and Exempt Member of the New Jersey State Fireman's Association. Tom also was a member of the Willingboro Emergency Squad and the Burlington County Hazardous Materials Team.

The Willingboro Fire Department thanks Tom for his dedicated years of service, and wishes him a happy and healthy future.


Scott Sprankle May 14, 2021 at 6:55 PM
Congratulations and a job well done Tom. Thank you for your dedication and for serving for all those years.

Ricardo Neblett May 14, 2021 at 8:28 PM
Congratulations Tom