2022 Youth Fire Academy - Applications Now Being Accepted
By Anthony Burnett, Fire Chief
May 6, 2022

The Willingboro Fire Department will be conducting its 8th Annual Youth Fire Academy Class from July 11-22, 2022 . This year class will run for two weeks (Monday-Friday). The class will be open to students from ages 13-17 who may be interested in a fire service career. Students in the class will be given an opportunity to participate in various aspects of the fire service. Graduation will occur on Saturday, July 23, 2022.

The class will be held at the Willingboro FIRE & EMS Building located at the corner of Charleston Road & JFK Way. Class participants will be under the direction of Firefighter Robert LeHuquet, Firefighter Bryan Riley, and other highly experienced fire department personnel. The class will also visit several other emergency services agencies.

Interested students can register for the class in one of three ways:

1. Download the Youth Fire Academy Form Packet (0-8) from this story.

2. Request an application packet by sending an email to yfa@willingborofire.org.

3. Request an application packet by clicking on the "Contact Us" tab of the department's website.

Attachment (0) YFA Intro Letter.pdf  (115k)
Attachment (1) YFA Application Form.pdf  (384k)
Attachment (2) YFA Photography and Video Permission Waiver.pdf  (480k)
Attachment (3) YFA Meal Plan Acknowledgement.pdf  (380k)
Attachment (4) YFA Food waiver.pdf  (371k)
Attachment (5) YFA Gear Waiver Form.pdf  (379k)
Attachment (6) YFA Consent for Medical Treatment of a Minor Child.pdf  (372k)
Attachment (7) YFA Waiver and Release of Liability.pdf  (137k)
Attachment (8) Youth Police-Fire-Ems Academy Physical Waiver Form.pdf  (218k)