Citizen Fire Academy Class #1 Graduates
By Firefighter Michael Centrone
June 20, 2022

In the evening of June 20, 2022, the Willingboro Fire Department held its 1st Citizen Fire Academy. The class gathered one last time in the training room at the fire department to hear closing remarks from Chief Burnett and Captain Reed Costello. Once the class was finished the class was given a chance to go for a ride in town in a fire truck.

The following citizens for being a part of the 1st Citizen Fire Academy: Yvonne Arnold, Telaiya Genwright, Carl Jones, Lisa Peperissa, Kathleen Timperio-Adams, Quinton Thomas Wright, and Lindsay Zaccardi.

We thank the citizens that attended this class. It was a huge success and look forward to the next class to see what's its like being a Firefighter in Willingboro.

Attachment CFA 2022 Graduation Ceremony.pdf  (190k)